Leeds City Council are set to have a debate on the redevelopment of some streets in Kirkgate and Crown Street on Thursday.

The plans have announced, and state that there will be a four to five story building at 101-104 Kirkgate which was cleared several years ago after a fire broke out, and the second part of the plans include a four to seven story building mixed with housing, café and retail units, but this means that a demolition of 10 and 11 Crown Court will have to take place.

I asked members of the public what they think of the plans for these changes.

Lewis Richardson, 24, said: “I don’t think it’s right that these plans go ahead, as I think it will affect the history of the street, if it’s one of Leeds’ oldest streets, then I think it would be wrong to modernise it and perhaps take some of its historical value away”

Carol Smith, 47 said: “Maybe it’s for the best that construction of the new houses take place, it’d make sense to build more housing to accommodate for the people who need it, that way we might see less people on the streets”

Members of the debate will be asked whether they can justify the demolition of an old building to make way for a new building, and whether a modernised building would be well suited in an old street.


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