Organisers for Reading and Leeds festivals have faced criticism on social media as only 1 female performer out of a total of 57 other performers are in the line-up.

On Thursday, Kasabian were revealed as headliners alongside the previously-announced Muse. Other acts announced include Two Door Cinema Club, Fatboy Slim, Jimmy Eat World and Wiley.

Fans took to social media to criticise the organisers of the festivals, many stating it as male dominated.

Twitter user Matthew Gordon said “See Reading & Leeds have gone with the male dominated route again, how original.”

Another twitter user, Sami Chearin suggested that the festivals should be renamed “We hate women festival 2017”.

Penny Smyth, 36 and vocalist for bands such as Afraid of the Dark, Tatako, Propane Elaine, the Oubliette spoke of her experiences as a girl in bands.

Smyth said: “I have played in bands since 1995. Starting out, as a girl in a band, you just accepted you were in a minority and got on with it.”

She added: “In 2000 I started getting more involved in the DIY punk scene, which was supposedly a more accepting and inclusive counter culture, but there were no more girls in bands so was it really? I played at all dayers with tons of other bands and would consistently be the only girl, or one of two girls on the bill. It’s only now you see more women in bands you realise how daft it was.”

The joint festivals, organised by Festival Republic, have faced similar criticism in the past. They have been contacted for comment.

Reading and Leeds Festival 2017 will run in the respective locations between August 25 and 27.


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